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I’m not an electronics guy so if I can make my own e-caller so can you! You can make an e-caller that is more powerful and less expensive than anything commercially available if you’re willing to put a little time into it.

A few steps to help you out:

1. The “engine” of your caller will be a car stereo amplifier. I would suggest getting something in the 200-400 watt range. If you can get an amp/equalizer so much the better. A 2 channel or 4 channel model will be fine for our uses.

2. You will need to get the different connectors necessary to hook the amp up to a power source (I recommend a 12v 11-12amp sealed battery). Follow the manufacturers directions to connect the wires for the speakers, power supply and audio input (mp3 player). I would recommend picking up your electronic supplies from Radio Shack - they should have everything you need.

3. Speakers - get outdoor PA horn speakers in the 50-100w range. You’ll want about 10-20 feet of speaker wire for each speaker. I do not recommend spreading out your speakers much more than that as the snows will come to the sound. If your speakers are spread out too much it seems to me that they can get confused on where to try and land. On low visibility days bring your speakers in close as the snows will come to the source of the sound.

4. Pre-amp - If your e-caller isn’t loud enough for you get a little pre-amp similar to what is pictured above (small clear plastic unit). They should have these at Radio Shack but I think they have a black case there. The pre-amp will increase your e-caller volume by 20-30%.

5. Use whatever software you have to transfer tracks from your Snow goose calling CD’s to your MP3 player & your ready to go. I can fit my amp, battery & speakers in a good sized blind bag. I keep the amp & battery in the blind bag and run a 6’ audio input cable from my MP3 player to the car stereo amp. If I’m using a lay down blind I just run the cable through the flagging hole and leave the blind bag with the amp/battery outside of my blind so I have more room.

6. Turn it down - if you run your 400w e-caller at full volume I will predict that the Snows will flare at about 120 yards out (depending on the wind conditions). As the Snows get closer you’ll want to turn it down. When they get to about 80 yards the approaching snows should sound like they’re at about the same volume as your caller. Experiment with volume but once they’re approaching it seems that too loud is worse than too quiet.

7. Good luck chasing the Snows!