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Snow Reaper & Snow Bait Background

These recordings feature 70 Snow and Ross Geese that were recorded during the spring of 2007. Breeding pairs were separated and then recorded calling back and forth to each other. After a couple days a bunch of corn was dumped in the pens and the feeding and fighting sounds were recorded. The final result is Snow Reaper and Snow Bait - all the Snow and Ross sounds you could ever want in 100% digital stereo sound. You will hear some other "natural" sounds besides Snow geese but we have kept that to a minimum.

Field Tested - Goose Approved

After an all night drive a lone hunter sets up the e-caller, 150 windsock decoys and a dozen flyers before the Snows start heading out to feed. It looked like a bust as the very large flocks seemed to know exactly where they wanted to be and it wasn’t his field. With piles of decoys still not set, groups of Snows broke off and came down for a closer listen.

Snow Reaper & Snow Bait were the last thing that a pile of Snows heard that morning. These calls worked on heavily hunted adult Snows – put them to work for you!

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Feeders & Callers Sample

Fighters Sample

Fighters & Feeders Sample

Mellow Callers Sample

Feeders Sounds Sample

Loud & Proud Sample

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